maanantai 21. tammikuuta 2013

In this photo from last summer I was just about to start my trip from Alanya, Turkey to Pudasjärvi, Finland. 

The idea of cycling from northern Alaska to southern part of South-America (Tierra del Fuego) came to my mind when I just cycling from Frech Riviera towards Italy in 2010. There wasn’t much sense in this thought, but since then it has stubbornly bothered me even though I have prayed for sanity many times. After returning from my last trip I gave myself till the end of the year time to consider this thought. It hasn’t changed at all and I have used this reflection time for physical training. My coach, Juha Rankinen, is a relentless man. Sometimes I’ve complained about nausea during the work-out and he just tells me, that in hard exercise the nausea should start already the day before!

In any way, I have decided to star my next cycle tour from Alaska, probably Ancourage, next August. My goal is to get to Argentina, Ushuaia and altogether it makes about 25 000 – 30 000 km. I don’t know how long it’ll take, but in my last two trips the cycling speed has been about 3000 km per month.

Here is one route map from internet: I’ll be cycling near the coast in northern part of America.
I still haven’t got a new bike which I need for this trip and that’s making me a little nervous. I’ll try to come up with some kind of compromise by the end of this month. because my last long term supporter and bike expert Lasse Ikonen started his own company (Intersposrt) in Rauma, I had to get a new assistant and found this one:, thanks to him already in advance.
In my last trip from Turkey to Finland I had two charity sponsors: Vera&John and Jääskeläisen kukka- ja hautaustoimisto.All the profit went for, an organization that supports and promotes substance free life. For my next trip I have a permission to use the same theme and collect possible sponsorship income to Selvä ry. Only this time I’m been more selfish and taking max 40% of income to pay some of costs. That would anyway only be a small fraction of all that this is going to cost to me.
But from now on, I’m going to name this cycle tour: from Alaska to Argentina for alcohol free life!

English version: Marika Kamps

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